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Estabilished under the collaboration of the south Sumatera Goverment and Putera Sampoerna Foundation in 2009,SMAN sumatera selatan main purpose is to provoide quality boarding education with an international outlook for student who come fom diadvantages families in south sumatera.During their three years of study at SMAN sumatera selatan ,all student receive full scholarships provided by donors through the putera sampoerna foundation .Apart of academic,excelence,student have every opportunity to cultivate their potential leadership skills .strengthen their talent in different areas of interest , and display their excellence through various competitions.

To prepare student to become future leaders of high integrity,the school provides an international standard education by incorporating both IGCSE (International General Certificate Of Secondary Education) and the NSC (National Standard Curiculum ) .The school also has been officially certified as a CIE center (sn organizer of IGCSE examination in South sumatera ).
Living in dormitories allows fo student to experience a holistic education.Not only do student lern to build and improve their academic excellence ,but also their tolerance ,diversity,social sence , respionsibility,nationalism,patriotism,integrity ,collegiality and honestly-the values that future leaders should posses.Student also gain benefits from the youth entrepreneurship program and learning to live program which build their awareness as global citizens

Sharpening students” skills in different areas is one of the school”s focuses.Student join various workshops and training sessions,including leadership training programs, life skills training, community services programs, financial training and others program that prepare to face the future challenges.
SMAN sumatera selatan believes that students will benefits from mastering language.English proficiency will help student to learn subject.English is also used in other social interaction outside of class,while indonesian is applied in the curriculum strategies.Ths we strive to make our student proficient in both languages.

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