By: Nada M

In a room there are 5 pieces of cookies. Each biscuit is already long time over there.One day the owner came and wanted to take the first cookies.The first Cookies red ,young man said before eating cookies and even then the “red is my favorite color and I could be brave like the same as the color of these cookies .With this color I’m always in the spirit of doing all my work “finally he was not so eating these cookies.He also saw a second cookie, yellow dominan.He also want to eat it but his heart jerked and think “because these biscuits have brightness and color of joy as when I am weak I always use the colors encourage.Cookies white, youth and even then wanted eat but his friend did not come Did you ever say that white is the symbol will you plant honesty always. “Remember your buddy for any success, useless if your honesty from zero.” second young man says .The young man had two cookies stay unseen. It turned out that two of the same colored biscuits are hijau.Pemuda it was thought more green is the epitome of all the growth that will I do, and cultivate all that good about myself.    Both young men were talking:Youth 1: I’m not going to eat it, because I really love these colorsYouth 2: it got you if you do not want to eat it up engkau.Lalu whether you want these cookies?Youth 1: I’m going to save itYouth 2: It would be useless if you do itu.cookies it will be stale if you save it. Know Allah hates people redundant!Youth 1: So what should I do pal?Youth 2: You give the cookies to the people who need, many street children who often we skip to home certainly has not eaten.Youth 1: Well then, later in the day you come home with me, and keep me company to share this with them.Youth 2: Okay.

They also go there and share that cookiesThey saw the fun children as it gets the food..Then second youth was saying “that happiness is not how much we laugh, not as much as what we have and we can share, but happiness is when we can make other people laugh because we are “he says it.I will always give encouragement, joy, courage and honesty as well as the growth of a good attitude for anyone as much as myself.    One day, a young one, moderate distress due to a meeting in the company threatened canceled because everything he had prepared it turns out it’s useless, he left in his room.And then he has not eaten, because lunch time the office has also been passed, when he took the equipment he needs at home.Then, he went into a room for self hanger, he saw on a table there is a bowl of yellow and writing cookies “for you kak”He was eating, when he eats cookies tu he immediately think of anyone well these cookies? By looking at the cake and when it finish. he was starting to get excited again and cheerful .He also ask ourselves whether these cookies he himself old me? He just eat and do not know it from anyone.After a long time spent own cookies, youth and even then thought and said “happiness can be lost, honesty may be gone, the growth will be good properties can be inhibited but an important POINTS can not be substituted, namely spirit.SPIRIT could be of ourselves, and also could of the lain.More strong sense of our spirit, the more likely we are to be in the forefront.Bring your spirit and give the spirit of the people around you.The spirit does not have the words or motivation, but the spirit of it could be that we can cara.The result is evidence of the spirit that we achieve and obtain the same spirit of his things got a challenge to our future.The spirit will come if we wanted to, but he also could go if we do not keep that.So keep your spirit and the taste fertilizer for future supplies yourself.



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