School is the most beautiful time in life for whoever.School is a time that has a lot of memories that can be remembered in the future later.Often we think that these times can be divided to relatives we .Every mind like it certainly good things that will be in history.But, now all that could be questioned could be a good experience or not.Characters according to the times are changing.  Many people are only able to correct other people but when he did not see the short comings should be corrected prior first.We may corection about other people but just to remind people can be better.that’s mean is not our better than them ,
Look like this story as the below this: In a school there are many students who have a different character.This school does not think of their seniority, mutual respect and prioritize morals important one.But, there are still some Seniors who do not care / ignore and began to diverge with regard that.sister’s act has an impact on the new incoming class of school is.

The conversation between seniors and will you take your dinner,kak ?Sister: No dek, i want to enterest dek.
Brother : Yes, kak (the heart is not so sincere)The next day:Sister: dek, you want to have dinner?Sister: yes kak, why?Big brother: sister would enterest, because i have so many tasks.Sister: (again with a heart that is not sincere and face the effort to remain sweet) yes kak. After several weeks, the seniors were still like that.Finally, the brother was when gather with friends on a night out “well when we become seniors? Said his friend does adik.and then ” why?.”
“I can not stand anymore, so juniors who always told and we have to follow it all, but they never example us good thing .” Said the brother.”It is important we are sincere, not revenge, and will not do same thing to juniors us later okay? The friend was giving spirit.”Okay ,so we remove such behavior”

In the next weeks, the brothers had come to dinner and a table with them .when they eat ,they also eat even though they also make a fuss, but the brothers were still eating with a sense syukur.and then, when completed would eat them instead talking about people of different religions but they never said we should respect among fellow.”The religious people that I wonder why? Weve they do not think when they worship it just makes their fatigue was alone. God will not listen to them because they are the wrong god “said one member of the older brothers,” other brothers “hahahahhah, maybe they want to karaoke”.While the brothers are silent, because in their desks many of their peers of different religions with them. Brothers were embarrassed because it seems like it’s their religion, they just shut up and when the closing dinner,there is previous first singing that annoying thing again made brothers class is to change the lyrics of a song commonly sung on a whim themselves. Brothers also hope that during them later, they can cite the well to their juniors later.did not imitate the bad think and could be a role model can have a positive effect in the future ..

“Permisalan teman yang baik dan teman yang buruk ibarat seorang penjual minyak wangi dan seorang pandai besi. Penjual minyak wangi mungkin akan memberimu minyak wangi, atau engkau bisa membeli minyak wangi darinya, dan kalaupun tidak, engkau tetap mendapatkan bau harum darinya. Sedangkan pandai besi, bisa jadi (percikan apinya) mengenai pakaianmu, dan kalaupun tidak engkau tetap mendapatkan bau asapnya yang tak sedap.” (HR. Bukhari 5534 dan Muslim 2628)


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